Typical dishes of Calabrian cuisine

A wide selection of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and excellent dining options for your taste in Calabria.

Salice Club Resort

The Salice Club Resort’s restaurant, which has been ample and comfortable, offers ample space and modern design, and pays homage to the Calabrian specialties, giving space to creativity and imagination for a modern cuisine but with respect for tradition.
Tel:  0983859143

La Capanna del pesce

La Capanna del Pesce, with a restaurant in Corigliano Scalo and one in Schiavonea, olre an excellent cuisine based on fish ready to delight your palates, combining fresh fish to a refined preparation.
Tel: 0983859143


Neapolitan Restaurant and Pizzeria with careful selection of raw materials, typical of Mediterranean cuisine. In an elegant and comfortable environment.
Tel: 0983031621

Le Macine

It will be the opportunity that will make you know and try our kitchen. An experience that will allow you to discover the flavors, traditions and territories of Calabria.
Tel: 0983512610

La Malteria

Now become a real reality, specialized in craft beers, wisely and wisely selected. Recalling the style of an Irish pub.
Tel: 3475891182

Agriturismo Casachella

The farm enjoys a beautiful location on the first hills of the Piana di Sibari, a more panorama; unique that rare, overlooking the Ionian Sea and immense expanses covered with olive trees. The tranquility is absolute, the atmosphere is welcoming and familiar.
Tel: 333 5399420